Facial Revitalization

Beauty is said to be skin deep, we hope we can achieve a deeper benefit for you maintaining youthful skin and protecting it.

Human skin is composed of two primary layers, the epidermis, containing the outermost layers, and the dermis, with the connective tissue, hair follicles, blood and lymphatic vessels. How deeply could a topically applied product available penetrate the skin? We know the typical ingredients in any effective skin-care product can have a certain effect on the upper layer, but most creams do not penetrate through the epidermis.

We start this process of good care by using a Skin Analyser to assess your skin condition currently. Advising and or treating accordingly all skin types ranging from normal to problematic skin conditions. Book a FREE Skin (Face) Consultation & Analysis – There is a £50 deposit fee which is either fully refundable on day of treatment or deductible from the cost of treatment.

Picosure Focus Treatment

FOCUS Lens Array

PicoSure* and the breakthrough FOCUS Lens Array are enabling new methods of skin revitalization not possible with any other laser platform. Using a unique method of action, Focus concentrates energy to generate laser-induced breakdowns (LIOB) in the epidermis.

These LIOBs cause pressure waves which propagate into the dermis, activating cell signaling and initiating an enhanced inflammatory healing response. This leads to increased collagen and elastin but without thermal injury of other lasers. The patient experiences only a few hours of mild redness but with a few treatments can see pigment, wrinkle and acne scar results similar to ablative technologies.


MEDSTHETICS practitioners are delighted to be trained and at accreditation stage this spring. We will be a National Charity Accredited Acne and Rosacea Treatment Centre working with local pharmacies also accredited as National Charity Accredited Advice Centres. We are providing treatments to take effect, to make a difference, therefore we take great care to suit each individual client need from a specialist perspective.

Skin Peels

SkinMed unique ENERPEEL® system and Skincare products

Tried and tested this range offers a complete program of chemical exfoliation at various skin depths, to exfoliate and stimulate dermal remodelling. Treating mild to complex skin conditions from a superficial to deep level resulting in less surface trauma, faster surface recovery with enhanced stimulation. Designed for the treatment of several kinds of age-related skin damage and acts as a prevention factor from damage caused by exposure to UV radiation and invasive skin treatments. Physical techniques such as microdermabrasion or dermaroller by their very nature cause high levels of surface trauma.

Our skin rejuvenation procedures aim to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and leading to the reduction of expression lines, wrinkles, reduce erythema and pigmentation.