Pigmentation can develop easily on your skin but can be hard to get rid of.

Your skin owes its colour to a pigment called melanin, hence your skin will either be lighter or darker depending on how much melanin you have. Usually the skin colour is uniform but due to different contributing factors, you could develop hyper or hypo pigmentation This may appear as either lighter or darker skin patches respectively.

Skin pigmentation refers to the colouration of skin. Your skin colour is determined by the levels of melanin in your skin cells. If the cells are healthy, your skin will appear normal. If, however, skin cells become unhealthy or damaged your skin may turn lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation), both of which are recognised skin disorders in the field of dermatology.

Darker patches on your skin may be due to over excessive sun exposure or in some cases due to hormonal changes. If these patches appear on visible areas, such as the face, they could be a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Here, at MEDSTHETICS we use the award-winning gold standard, Cynosure PICOSURE Focus Lens Array for the treatment of hyper pigmentation. Even though we can treat all skin types, the treatment works best in lighter skin types 1-3 of the Fitzpatrick classification.

Pigmentation removal at Medsthetics


We offer a FREE consultation at every stage, usually 15-30 minutes long, a full medical history and medication use is recorded. Your skin type and condition will be identified, using a skin analyser,  then a Laser patch test will be done, to ensure your suitability for the procedure – laser pigmentation removal, a deposit of £20.00 will be taken at this stage which is redeemable against your treatment.

Prices start from £65 as it depends on the size of the area requiring treatment


Your first session will take place 2 weeks after the Laser patch test, once we confirm your suitability for the procedure. You will wear eye protection and the Laser will be applied to the pigmented problem areas. The procedure is very well tolerated in general, however, some clients have described it as a minor tingling or prickling sensation and only when the Laser is in operation.


You will be given specific printed advice as regards to sun exposure avoidance, sun protection factor cream to use for protection as recommended, please avoid exercise, sauna and/or steam rooms. Recognizing our skin responds to changes in temperature and that hyperhidrosis (which is sweating profusely) can cause irritation to the recently treated skin.